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6-year-old boy shot in east Ukraine Dnipro city

A 6-year-old-boy was shot in the middle of the street in Dnipro city, eastern Ukraine, according to the National Police Office
6-year-old boy shot in east Ukraine Dnipro city

The incident occurred in the evening of January 23. According to police, the boy was with mother and stepfather on the street nearby their house in Dnipro city, when they heard the clap sound, after which the child felt a sharp pain in his left side of the back, Joinfo.com reports with reference to 112 Ukraine TV channel.

The child’s parents immediately took him to hospital. It turned out that he had a gunshot wound in the left side of the chest.

It took over 10 hours for surgeons to remove the bullet from the boy’s chest. He is currently conscious but his condition remains serious.

Police examined the scene with a service dog and interviewed witnesses.

Moreover, law enforcement officers continued to search for witnesses of the incident, examined the crime scene to search for evidence on January 24. Police continue the investigation.

The boy’s ward is guarded by the police.

Mother also doesn’t want to give any comments, though she was with her child all the time.

According to witnesses, they saw some teenagers in the arch when they heard the shot. Most likely they were the ones who fired at the boy.

“We are going to interrogate the pupils and school personnel in order to establish which one of the boys could have a pneumatic weapon”, said the Head of State Communications of Regional Department of the National Police Anna Starchevska.