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Ukraine’s biggest achievements in 2016

In 2016, Ukrainians succeeded in transplanting an artificial heart, won the NASA competition, and presented new aircrafts.
Ukraine’s biggest achievements in 2016

Cardiac surgeon Boris Todurov is one of the main Ukrainian heroes of 2016. In summer, his team performed the first surgery to transplant an artificial heart in Ukraine. It was the only real chance to extend the time of waiting for a donor heart for a 42-year-old patient of the Heart Institute of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

The project of Mars aircraft MarsHopper for studying the poles of Mars and neighboring regions won NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 Audience Choice Award.

A combat module “Taipan”, which was designed by the enterprises of Ukroboronprom state concern, can automatically aim the guns at the selected targets.

Team of the LimpidArmor Ukrainian project began to design the HoloLens augmented reality headsets – a structure that would help to combine augmented reality goggles, a helmet, and a camera mounted on the armor of the tank to enable the tankers to see the 360-degree panorama of what is happening outside in real time.

The Adron firm developed the grenades based on thermobaric substance creating the temperature of up to 3,000 degrees at the moment of explosion.

Pivdenne Design Bureau informed of the design of a Hrim-2 new missile system with a destruction range of up to 500 kilometers.

The students of the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University of Ukraine developed a vehicle prototype, which can run for 570 kilometers having just one liter of fuel.

A group of Kyiv scientists led by candidate of technical sciences Vladyslav Kiselev designed a powerful source of electricity, a battery that runs for 12 years. Their project won the Sikorsky Challenge 2016 competition.

While taking part in the Farnborough air show in UK, the Antonov Design Bureau entered into an agreement with Canada’s Esterline CMC Electronics to replace the equipment, which was previously bought in Russia. The Bureau also demonstrated a new An-178 – Ukrainian multi-purpose transport aircraft, which can be based on various airfields, including grass and high-level ones.

In December, the Antonov Design Bureau presented another freighter, An-132. The aircrafts are expected to be produced in Saudi Arabia.

A new modification of the Antares 230 rocket was launched in autumn by Orbital ATK American company. The first stage of the rocket contained the components, which were designed by the Makarov Pivdenny Machine-Building Plant.