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Military exercises started in south Ukraine

The Ukrainian Armed Forces began missile drill in the southern Kherson region on Thursday
Military exercises started in south Ukraine

On December 1, the Ukrainian Armed Forces began missile-firing drills on the military polygon in the southern Kherson region bordering with the Crimea peninsula, according to Ukraine’s Air Command “South,” Joinfo.com reports.

Russia, which annexed Crimea in 2014, expressed protests against the exercises and put its air defence, ground forces and warships near Ukrainian territorial waters in Black Sea in full combat readiness.

Volodymyr Kryzhanovsky, spokesman of the Command, said the Ukrainian Armed Forces are conducting the missile-firing drills in accordance with international law and at least 30 km from Crimea’s air space.

Volodymyr Kryzhanovsky said that the drills will not be a threat to the occupied peninsula of Crimea.

It should be recalled that the Russian Armed Forces conducted a large-scale military exercises in the southern Russia and Crimea in September.

Earlier, Ukrainian media reported that the Russian Defence Ministry informed Ukraine’s military attaché that Russian army would shoot down Ukrainian missiles and target their launchers if the missiles would be detected in the air space near Crimea.

According to Kryzhanovsky, the Ukrainian military are prepared for any scenario. But he did not specify what it would be exactly.

The Kremlin also informed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is monitoring the situation personally.