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Vladimir Putin gave Steven Seagal Russian passport

President Vladimir Putin granted an actor and musician Steven Seagal Russian citizenship. The Kremlin announced on Thursday that the president signed the decree.
Vladimir Putin gives Steven Seagal Russian passport

Steven Seagal, 64, and Vladimir Putin are no strangers to each other. The actor who became famous with action films as Under Siege and Above The Law is known as Russia’s fan, Joinfo.com reports citing the Russian media.

In March 2013 Seagal promoted martial arts in Russia and called the Russian president “a friend that I consider brother”. He stressed then that his love for Russia was so great that he was considering to apply for a Russian passport.

In August 2014 Seagal appeared in Ukraine with a band of pro-Russian separatists and played in a performance in the Crimean peninsula.

The actor is not the first star to receive the Russian passport. In 2013, Putin granted the Russian citizenship to French actor Gerard Depardieu.

Image: ANP.