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Russian FSB claims to have thwarted “Ukraine’s incursion” into Crimea

The Russian FSB has said it prevented terrorist attacks in Crimea prepared by the Ukrainian intelligence, according to the Russian TASS news agency
Russian FSB claims to have thwarted “Ukraine’s incursion” into Crimea

“A group of saboteurs was spotted overnight to August 7 near the city of Armyansk (the Republic of Crimea) thanks to investigative work,” TASS reported citing the FSB website.

According to the report, “a FSB officer was killed in a skirmish when terrorists were being detained. Twenty improvised explosive devices containing more than 40 kilograms of TNT equivalent, ammunition, fuses, antipersonnel and magnetic bombs, grenades and the Ukrainian armed forces’ standard special weapons were found at the scene.”

The FSB also said it detained Ukrainian and Russian citizens, who allegedly provided assistance in preparing the attacks. The detained have confessed, according to the FSB.

According to the FSB, one of the detained, Yevgeny Panov, a resident of Ukraine’s Zaporozhye region born in 1977, an employee of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s head intelligence department, was giving a confession.

“The frontier regime on the border with Ukraine has been reinforced,” the FSB said.

It should be recalled that the Russian occupation authorities have blocked all entry-exit checkpoints at the administrative border between Ukraine mainland and the occupied Crimea from Sunday morning till early Wednesday due to the Russian Armed Forces military drills in northern part of the peninsula.

The Ukrainian General Staff has confirmed strengthening of its military positions in southern Kherson region near Kremlin-occupied Crimea with equipment and personnel in view of Russia’s military buildup in the occupied peninsula.