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ATO HQ report: militants hit residential area and school in Donbas

On July 25, Russian proxies conducted shelling on residential area of Avdiyivka town, six households damaged. In Krasnohorivka a school was hit from a tank
ATO HQ report: militants hit residential area and school in Donbas

During the past day of hostilities, five Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in action, according to the spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO issues Colonel Andriy Lysenko at the briefing in the Information Center of the Ukraine’s National Security Service, Joinfo.ua reports.

It was quiet most of the day in the Luhansk sector of the Anti-Terrorist Operation area. The fighting took place just from 9 pm till midnight. The enemy fired mortars near Novotoshkivske village on the Bahmutska road; conducted shelling in Lopaskyne village, Schastya district, in Zolote village and in Popasna district.

There were 5 enemy attacks on positions of Ukrainian troops in the Luhansk sector.

In the Donetsk sector, the situation did not change: Russia-backed militants conducted major combat operations on the frontline section Novoselivka Druha – Avdiyivka – Opytne – Nevelske. Powerful mortar shelling on positions of the ATO forces began after 15 hours and did not stop until midnight.

Ukrainian military had a combat clash with occupiers in Avdiyivka industrial zone yesterday. A subversive group of about 8 people approached position of the ATO forces. Ukrainian soldiers repelled them in the battle that lasted more than 1 hour. Subsequently, the invaders retreated under cover of mortar fire.

The enemy hit residential area of Avdiyivka again and damaged six households. Fortunately, no civilians were injured.

Besides, militants opened fire on the Svitlodarsk arc, in Horlivka town and in Pisky village.

Also, the enemy conducted aerial reconnaissance using 3 unmanned aerial vehicles yesterday.

In total, yesterday there were 1 combat clash, 27 enemy attacks, including 13 – with heavy weapons in the Donetsk sector.

In the Mariupol sector of the ATO area, from 4 to 7 am on Tuesday morning occupants opened fire with heavy weapons near Krasnohorivka and Talakivka villages. They fired 82mm mortar, 122mm artillery guns and a tank.

A direct hit of the enemy tank projectile damaged the foundation and the outer wall of the Krasnohorivka school No1.

Nevertheless, the epicenter of the fighting was in Mar’inka yesterday.

In the afternoon, the enemy snipers conducted fire on Ukrainian positions. And after 7 pm, an infantry platoon of the Russian-occupation forces went straight off trying to to take over the Ukrainian strong point. The battle lasted more than 2 hours, the enemy retreated with losses.

Another combat with 40 fighters took place in another district of Mar’inka. Ukrainian soldiers repelled the attack.

It is worth noting that, besides machine guns and grenade launchers, the militants used the latest sniper 12.7 mm rifles in this.

Also, the enemy again launched a powerful mortar and artillery shelling in Krasnohorivka and Talakivka villages in the evening.

In total, there were 2 clashes and 27 enemy attacks, including 11 – with heavy weapons in the Mariupol sector yesterday.