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ATO HQ report: Russia-terrorist forces attacked residential areas, civilians injured

Occupants fired on residential area in the villages of Slavne and Krasnohorivka in Donetsk region, a girl and a woman were injured. Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 7 wounded in action
ATO HQ report: Russia-terrorist forces attacked residential areas, civilians injured

In the Luhansk sector, militants made two armed provocations near the villages of Trohizbenka and Nyzhnioteple, said the spokesman of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO issues Colonel Andriy Lysenko at the briefing in the Information Center of the Ukraine’s National Security Service, Joinfo.ua reports.


In the Donetsk sector, the hottest point remains in the Avdiyivka Industrial Zone and the Horlivka district. The enemy made shelling on positions of Ukrainian troops near the Putylivska coalmine (also known as “Butivka coal mine”). The militants have also actively used 82mm and 120mm mortars near the the Putylivska coalmine, the villages of Pisky and Nevelske.

In the Horlivka district, illegal armed groups carried out attacks on a broad front from north to west. In particular, the occupation forces fired mortars near the villages of Zaitseve, Novhorodske, Troitske and Verhnietoretske. In addition, the militants used rocket launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. Near the village of Zaitseve they fired infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft installations, and made also two sniper attacks on positions of the ATO forces. Number of attacks on Ukrainian troops’ positions near Mayorsk dropped to one armed provocation made yesterday. Instead, the militants intensified near the village of Luhanske ont Svitlodarsk arc.


During the last day the enemy fired mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers.


In the Mariupol sector, the enemy has again increased the number of attacks. The fiercest fighting took place near the village of Pavlopil, where militants carried out a shelling and several times used mortar and grenade launchers. The confrontation continued in the area near the village of Mar’inka. There the illegal armed groups fired mortars, grenade launchers and made two sniper attacks. They also used mortars in shelling at the villages of Novotroitske and Taramchuk. It was also restless near the village of Chermalyk, where militants fired anti-aircraft installations and machine guns.


Five houses were damaged as a result of shelling on the village of Slavne. A 13-year-old girl, who was in one of the houses, received minor injuries.

Several enemy provocations with the use of firearms were reported near the village of Slavne.

Occupants fired a tank twice in Krasnohorivka yesterday. And today a woman was wounded there as a result of hostile fire. The shelling also damaged five apartments in a multistorey building.

The OSCE observers have also reported on the daring militant shelling of residential areas, which is a direct violation of international law and demonstrates a hostility of the Russia-backed illegal armed groups.


Over the past day, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed during a counterattack of the militant assault on Ukrainian positions near the village of Pavlopil. Seven more soldiers were wounded in action near Zaitseve, Pavlopil and Mar’inka.