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Nadiya Savchenko’s sister returned to Ukraine safely

Ukrainian President personally wrote on Twitter that Vira, sister of the convicted in Russia Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, returned home after detention by the Russian police in Rostov-on-Don
Nadiya Savchenko's sister returned to Ukraine safely

Earlier today the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported that Vira Savchenko was detained by the Russian police. MFA said that the Russian police took Vira’s passport, and the Ministry was working on the release of Vira, Joinfo.ua reports.

Then the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko personally wrote on Twitter that Ukrainian Consul in Rostov, Russia informed the President that Vira has safely crossed the border and returned to Ukraine.

“Consul General in Rostov has just informed me that Vira Savchenko crossed the Ukrainian border, and is already in the homeland”, – President Poroshenko wrote.


It should be recalled that Vira Savchenko came to Russia to help in the liberation of her sister Nadiya from the Russian prison. Earlier Vira said that Nadiya Savchenko was studying documents and preparing to return home.

According to Vira, Nadiya even fills the papers, but she is concerned that these documents can be used for escorting her to the Russian colony, because she has already been deceived with the filling of documents by the Russian authorities.

Vira Savchenko also noted that Nadiya’s health condition was normal. She was in a good mood and even could take regular food.