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Russian police raided homes of Crimean journalists

The Russian occupation authorities in Crimea continue persecution of journalists and human rights activists in the annexed peninsula
Russian police raided homes of Crimean journalists

On Tuesday April 19 the Russian police conducted searches in the homes of three journalists in the occupied Crimea, according to the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Crimea. Reality.

According to him, after searches, journalists were taken to the office of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in Simferopol.

“The searches were conducted in homes of the three Crimean journalists and they were taken to the FSB. The journalists are Len’yar Abibulaev, Ruslana Lyumanova and Nikolai Semena. In my opinion, Nikolai Semena will be charged “, – said Kurbedinov.

Kurbedinov suggests that searches and detentions of the human rights defenders are connected with the “active civil position on certain issues.”

On the morning of April 19, Russia-controlled Crimean prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya announced the initiation of criminal cases against a Crimean journalist under Russian legislation on “separatism” for publication in the media. Poklonskaya did not announce the name, but a journalist Oleg Kryuchkov suggested that she meant Nikolai Semena.

Nicholai Semena is a Crimean journalist who previously worked for the all-Ukrainian newspapers “Day” and “Mirror of the Week”, and earlier for “Izvestia” Moscow edition. Semena is retired now.

On the eve Natalia Poklonskaya said that those who do not recognize the results of the Crimean “referendum” of 2014, after which Russia annexed Crimea, will face a criminal prosecution. Thus, it supported a similar initiative of the Russian Investigation Committee.