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Putin arrived in annexed Crimea

The Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived today to Crimea to mark the second anniversary the annexation. He inspected the construction site of the new bridge and held a meeting on the development of the region
Putin arrived in annexed Crimea

Pictures of Putin visiting Crimea were published today by a Russian blogger Dmitry Smirnov on Instagram. So, from a helicopter Putin watched observed the building site of the new bridge from the mainland of Russia to the annexed peninsula, Joinfo.ua reports.


According to Smirnov’s comments, after landing, the president of Russia went around the construction site, talked to workers and they politely responded: “It’s cold today, but everything is good.” Putin also took pictures with the entire construction team.

Putin arrived in annexed Crimea

As Putin said: “the bridge was expected to be built under [the Tsar] Nicholas I, then under [Joseph] Stalin. We have to fulfill this historic task”, and added: “We need a specific person [who will do it], which you can hang up if he fails.”

It should be recalled that today the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini published a declaration on Crimea, calling on UN Member States to join sanctions against the Russian Federation.