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Nadiya Savchenko in fourth day of hunger strike: Ukrainian doctors rush to Russia

Ukrainian doctors will urgently go to Rostov-on-Don to monitor the health condition of Nadiya Savchenko which is on the fourth day of a dry hunger strike
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Ukraine has formed a group of three physicians to go to Rostov-on-Don, Russia for monitoring of Nadiya’s health condition, according to the Consul General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don Vitaliy Moskalenko, Joinfo.ua reports.

“Urgent measures have been carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President. A group of doctors that has supervised Nadiya earlier and I think they will come to Rostov soon,” – said Vitaliy Moskalenko.

“But first, Ukrainian doctors must obtain permission from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the visit,” – Consul General said.

He also added that Ukraine will ensure that the Russian Foreign Ministry issues the permission, in spite of the weekend.

“We will insist. That’s an extraordinary situation, an emergency, every hour is important!” – Moskalenko said.

Consul General also said that 7 or 8 March, he will try to get into the jail to Hope Savchenko. “It will be closed of course, but we will try. Because if she is taken to the hospital, they [Russian authorities] would not even inform us to which one. Then we will look for her here in Rostov,” – Moskalenko said.

It should be recalled Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko declared a hunger strike on March 3 after a debate during the court denied her the right to speak and rescheduled the hearing for March 9.