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Vladimir Putin: The transfer of Donbas to Ukraine was nonsense!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demonstrated his imperial ambitions once again and said that the Soviet Union was created incorrectly
Vladimir Putin: The transfer of Donbas to Ukraine was nonsense!

Speaking at the forum of public movement “Russian People’s Front” Vladimir Putin said that Donbas was transferred to Ukraine by a pure coincidence, and without thinking, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Kremlin website.

“Stalin formulated the idea of ​​autonomization of the future Soviet Union. According to it, all the actors of the future state were to enter the Soviet Union on the basis of autonomy with broad powers. Vladimir Lenin [the first head of the Soviet Union] criticized the position of Josef Stalin and said that it was untimely, wrong idea. And what’s more, Lenin promoted the idea of ​​entering all future actors of this state, and then there were four of them – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and, by the way, the south of Russia – North Caucasus Federation,” – said Putin.

”Lenin advocated that the Soviet Union was formed on the basis of complete equality, with the right to secede from the Soviet Union. That’s what he said, I could be wrong, but the idea is clear. And this was a time bomb under the building of our statehood. Not only that multinational ethnic groups were tied to the borders and territories of, in fact, a unitary state, but the borders were arbitrarily determined and, in general, not always justified”, – Putin stated.

“For example, on what basis was Donbas transferred to Ukraine? … It’s nonsense, you know? And this is not the only example, there are many of them”, – said Russian president.

“Cultural autonomy is one thing, autonomy with broad state powers – is another, and the right to secede from the state is the third thing. And in the end, all this along with inefficient economic and social policies led to the disintegration of the state. That was a time bomb, “- said Putin.

It should be recalled that yesterday BBC Panorama showed the results of an investigation, where Adam Szubin, who oversees US Treasury sanctions, told that the US government had known president Putin was corrupt for “many, many years.”

Today the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that allegations of corruption against Vladimir Putin were “pure fabrication and slander.”