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The Kremlin commented on Chechen leader’s words about “the enemies of the state” for the first time

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman proposed to read closely and get a grasp of the words of the Chechen leader about the non-systemic opposition. It has been the first comment of the Kremlin on the unfolding conflict between Kadyrov and Russian opposition
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Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian president Vladimir Putin, proposed to read the statement of Chechnya’s head Ramzan Kadyrov closely and get a grasp of his words about the non-systemic opposition in Russia. The Kremlin has commented on the statement for the first time since it was published on January 12, 2015, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to RBC.ru.

“If you read it closely, you will see that the subject of the statement is the non-system opposition. It is those who are outside the legitimate political field of the country, “- said Peskov to reporters, commenting on the debate around the statements of Kadyrov’s “the enemies of the people.” According to Peskov, saying “enemies of the people” the Chechen leader meant those “who in their work does not remain within the law, and is ready to break it, including to the detriment of the country.”

“There is no need to escalate the situation, you just need to read calmly what he said,” – said Peskov, adding that the president is “in constant dialogue with the dominant political force, and the opposition parties.”

“If we talk about those who, setting the stage for talking about politics, expressed the willingness to deliberately go beyond the law, they, at least, do not contribute to stability and prosperity of our country”, – said the president’s press secretary.

It should be explained that the term “enemy of the people” was used in the Soviet Union during repressions in 1930s under the ruling of the dictator Josef Stalin. People convicted by the state as “the enemies of the people” were executed or sent to Gulag, or on forced resettlement, and stripped of citizen’s rights. Along with them, all the members of the family of an “enemy of the people”, including children, were punished as “traitors of the Motherland”.

In his statement Kadyrov said: “People, which nobody has previously heard about, are flat out for becoming famous for opposing themselves to Russian President Vladimir Putin. They are trying to cash in on the difficult economic situation.”

“These people must be treated as the enemies of the people, as traitors. Nothing is sacred for them,” – he said.

After Kadyrov’s statement was published on January 12, the head of Chechen republic explained that under “the enemies of the people” he meant those who has “left Russia and from there pours dirt and slander against our country,” and their “accomplices inside the country.”

Following Kadyrov the speaker of the Chechen parliament Magomed Daudov slamed the opposition with critics. In his statement, published on the website of the Chechen parliament, Daudov claimed that there was “a subversive-terrorist information war unleashed against the leadership of Russia and its people, hitherto unprecedented in its scale and cunning.”

Later in his Instagram, Daudov posted photo of Kadyrov with his Caucasian shepherd Tarzan, and wrote in a commentary to the picture that dog’s “teeth itch” for Russian opposition.

Two days ago on January 18, Ramzan Kadyrov published an open letter in “Izvestia” edition to explain his previous words.

He said that “those who left Russia and, getting handouts from Western governments, vilify and slander against our country from abroad”. He said that under the term “non-systemic opposition” he meant those who, under that name, pursue their primary goal – to destroy the country and undermine its constitutional system”.

Kadyrov said that some representatives of the state power in Russia, who “call for dialogue with the jackals … can not wash away the stench of cowardly dogs.”

He also called the indignation of the opposition caused by his statement as “a mass psychosis” and said that he “can help them cope with that clinical problem” in a mental clinic in Chechnya. He also “promised not to spare injections”. “Where it is prescribed a single injection, we can do double”, – said Kadyrov.

Journalists have also asked Peskov to comment on the statement of Kadyrov, where he accused some federal media, including the “Echo of Moscow”, TV channel “Rain” and RBC of “broadcasting false statements of the hypocritical traitors of Motherland.” Peskov said he was not ready to talk about it.

Following, the Human Rights Council of the administration of the Russian president has promised to conduct a linguistic examination of the Kadyrov’s statement about “the enemies of the state.” According to its results, as explained by Yevgeny Bobrov, the deputy chairman of the council said, that he would not like to raise a scandal, but the report may contain an recommendation to the Russian president to send the head of Chechnya in resignation. Ella Pamfilova, the human rights ombudsman in the Russian Federation also criticized the statements of the head of Chechnya.

RBC source in the Kremlin thought that Pamfilova should not intervene in this issue. According to her, some parties, such as Parnas party, can not be considered as non-systemic opposition. It can include only people who call for violence.