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Militants staged an anti-Ukrainian rally in Donbas

Russian proxies brought people from Donetsk to the village of Olenivka to stage an anti-Ukrainian rally
Militants staged an anti-Ukrainian rally in Donbas

According to the ATO press service, on Friday of 25 December, in the village of Olenivkae on the territory of Donbas, temporary occupied by the pro-Russian militants, members of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (“DPR”) organized an anti-Ukrainian rally. Participants of the demonstration, among them women and children, were delivered by five buses from Donetsk, Joinfo.ua reports.

After the demonstration in Olenivka, the participants went on foot to the contact line with posters, which said: “Ukraine is violating the Minsk Agreements.”

The ATO staff promptly informed the representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, the National Police and the State Border Service of Ukraine about taking all necessary measures to counter this pre-planned provocation.

“We appeal to the initiators of the illegal action: if any civilians, whom they made by force or deception to participate in the staged action, will be injured, the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the organizers and the so-called “government of DPR,” – stated the ATO staff.