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Russian State Duma makes Crimeans to repay Ukrainian debts

The Russian State Duma adopted a law that allowed recovering Crimean’s debts to Ukrainian banks
Russian State Duma makes Crimeans to repay Ukrainian debts

The head of the Russian “State council” of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov criticized this decision, accusing the Kremlin of neglecting the interests of Crimeans. In fact, Konstantinov is worried about his own pocket, as firms affiliated with him, owe Ukrainian banks more than UAH1 billion, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to KrymRealii.

Local collaborators welcomed annexation, in the first place, not because of “Russian patriotism,” but because of selfish interests: Russia promised the much-touted benefits package, pensions, salaries. By some wild misunderstanding they felt no need to return the debts. That’s how they interpreted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words, when he answered a question about the Crimean loans.

The Kremlin initially did not give a clear answer about the Ukrainian loans. On the one hand, the republican “government” have stated that “they do not owe anything to Ukraine,” and on the other – the certain companies, which worked on the peninsula, were beating the debts out of the people.

Under the new law, Russian credit and non-credit institutions, which “provide evidence of the acquisition of the relevant rights,” can beat the debts out of Crimeans. Roughly speaking, the Russian organizations purchase ‘bad’ loan portfolios from Ukrainian banks, and recover debts by their own means.

Judging by the reaction of the Crimean “parliament”, the collaborators are in shock. The Kremlin has put them before the fact, not even considering it necessary to discuss the bill.

Konstantinov lamented that Crimean Parliament was against this decision, having learned about it at the last moment. Konstantinov assured the local “authorities” will try “to adjust the provisions of the law before its final approval.”

Konstantinov’s notorious construction company “Consol” owed Ukrainian financial institutions over UAH 1 billion. Now with interest the amount of debt has increased.

The situation is indicative. First, it demonstrates the real attitude of the Kremlin to its puppets. For Putin’s team, they all are disposables. So, they will have to grit their teeth and endure. Second, the Crimean “authorities” should not hope for the amendments of the law. Moscow is not going to discuss anything with them. So, it’s time to pay the debts.