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Samantha Power slams Russia for its stance on Donbas

The U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power, said that Moscow continues to ignore the Minsk agreement and does not recognize its aggression in Ukraine
Samantha Power slams Russia for its stance on Donbas

During the meeting of the UN Security Council, Samantha Power said that Russia tried to divert the settlement process in Ukraine in quite a different direction, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Information Resistance.

“We are here today because Russia continues to occupy the autonomous region of Ukraine – Crimea, violating the international law and its obligations … We are here because Moscow, as before, along with the separatists, is waging a war against Ukraine. As noted earlier, militants continues to receive money, material provision and ammunition from Russia”, – said Samantha Power.

She also said that strong armed groups under the command of Russian officers now operate on the Ukrainian territory.

“We are here because Moscow and separatists continue to hamper international efforts to monitor the ceasefire … We are here because of the flagrant violations of its obligations when Russia’s controlled insurgents continue to attack the Ukrainian positions on the contact line,” – said Samantha Power.

She also criticized the statement of the Russian representative Vitaly Churkin, who called the report of the UN Assistant Secretary General Ivan Simonovic “distraction” from the real problems.

“It is not clear what Russia is trying to hide, but you can understand, alas, its reluctance to allow the Security Council to hear the unpleasant facts, which can not be tolerated. It is important to present the facts as they are, “- said the representative of the U.S.

She called on Moscow to fulfill the provisions of the Minsk agreements and to ensure that the separatists immediately lifted restrictions on humanitarian organizations which deliver critically needed humanitarian aid.

“We call on Moscow to choose the path of peace and implement the Minsk agreement”, – said Samantha Power.

The UN Security Council paid a special attention to the repressions in Crimea and called for the release of all the hostages in Donbas.