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The militants are preparing for the large-scale offensive in the ATO area

In the ATO area militants return tanks and artillery to the front line and try to storm Ukrainian positions more frequently
The militants are preparing for the large-scale offensive in the ATO area

According to the coordinator of the Information Resistance Dmytro Tymchuk, the insurgents intensified the violation of the Minsk agreements, Joinfo.ua reports.

The situation in the ATO area shows preparations of militants for probable offensive, which can take place in the near future. At the same time, the shellings become more intense recently.

Thus, during the last weekend (05-06.12.2015) Russian-terrorist troops in Donbass continued active fire on positions of ATO and civilian targets in some areas. For shelling militants used small arms, as well as 82-mm and 120-mm mine launchers, standard weapons and grenade launchers of the armored infantry vehicles. The hostile tactical groups made attempts to attack the ATO forces units in direct clashes, as well as efforts to move closer to the advanced units of Ukrainian troops to fire from a distance of effectiveness of the small arms.

In several locations, it was registered the appearance of the heavy armored vehicles (tanks) and artillery on the front line, despite the fact, that militants had previously withdrawn them according to the Minsk agreements. At the moment, these weapons are not used (they are masked in positions on the front line).

Most of the militants’ activity was recorded in the district of Horlivka, west and north-west of Donetsk. During the last few days the militants were shelling at the positions of ATO forces near Krasnohorivka, Pisky, Avdiyivka, almost on the entire perimeter of the contact line of the so-called “Horlivka garrison” with Ukrainian troops (they were particularly active on the direction of the villages of Shumy, Mayorsk, Zaitseve). Also, the militants’ activity was observed in the area on Troitske, Shyrokyne and Shchastya.

Northwest of Staromykhailivka, the militants’ group, numbering up to platoon (30 pers.), supported by 4 units of 82-mm mine launchers, 1 unit of anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2 and 2 units of arms of the armored infantry vehicles BMP-2 (fired from the place), advanced discreetly to the outpost of ATO forces near Pisky. Then, after this group was shelled from the mortars, they tried start clashes with the division of Ukrainian troops. Thanks to the Ukrainian infantry covert movements, the militant groups were promptly detected by observers from the outposts, and then covered with the dense automatic machine gun fire. The militants were forced to retreat to the starting line, actively firing in return. During the retreat the militants were actively using mortars and automatic heavy grenade launchers AGS-17, anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2 and arms of the armored infantry combat vehicle BMP-2.

In a similar way the militants operated in the area south of Novgorodske and near Shumy, Zaitseve. In the area of Novgorodske, subversive enemy groups tried to penetrate the tactical rear of the ATO forces under the cover of massive shelling at the positions of Ukrainian troops (throughout Sunday the gunmen fired on Ukrainian strongholds south of Novgorodske from the small arms, also using 82-mm and 120 mm mine launchers). In the area of Shumy-Zaitseve the militants involved several armored fighting vehicles (BTR and BMP-2) and operated by infantry groups (45-50 persons each). Maintaining offensive bombardment was conducted using 82-mm mine launchers, arms of the armored combat vehicles and anti-aircraft installation ZU-23-2.

The manner of organization of the clashes indicates a considerable level of the nervousness in the tactical command of militants. Their groups often start an unsighted fire, acting chaotically and situatively. They tried frontal attacks on the outposts and positions of Ukrainian troops, showing an extremely low level of interaction between units during the attacks and armed provocations.

The enemy continues to reinforce their tactical group, concentrated in the area of Horlivka. With further accumulation of the forces and resources, in the area can be formed a strike group of militants that can act on the northern (Artemivsk), north-east and north-west directions.

Also, militants continue to reinforce their troops, concentrated on the line Spartak –  Donetsk – northern outskirts of Horlivka. It was registered the transfer of the armored group of militants (some units of BMP-2) to the area of ​​Ozeryanivka. In the area of ​​the village of the mine of Gagarin (Glyboka), the reinforced motorized infantry company of the militants is deployed (8 units of the armored fighting vehicles) and a mortar battery (6 units of 82-mm automatic mortars 2B9). A similar reinforced company was transferred to the district of the residential district Stroiteley (Horlivka), to the south of the region it was recorded 4 tanks (disguised in the private sector).

A group, deployed on the line of Novooleksandrivka – Veselogorivka – Sanzharivka continue to strengthen. In this area, the militants secretly moved the manpower (in groups of 25-30 people) through the villages of Irmino and Stakhanov (Almaznyi). Over the weekend, 6 units of the armored infantry vehicles (MT-LB-1 and BMP) came to the area.

The armored group of 6 units of armored infantry combat vehicles (MT-LB) and 3 units of BMP-1 is moving in the direction of Stanitsa Luganska from Lugansk (according to preliminary data, it aims to reinforce roadblocks of the militants).

2 units of armored infantry combat vehicles (MT-LB) with anti-aircraft installation “Strela-10″ are moving to Makiivka.