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Electricity cut off in Crimea

Electricity in Crimea turned off near midnight
Electricity cut off in Crimea

Today near midnight, the electricity in Crimea turned off. As the correspondent of Krym.Realii reports, the lights turned off in Simferopol; also, a lack of electricity was reported in Sevastopol, Feodosia, Kerch and Yalta.

The Krymenergo supply company confirmed the reports. “Crimea is completely off, the details I can not tell yet”, – said director of KrymenergoViktor Plakida.

Former Deputy Head of Kherson police, Ilya Kiva wrote on Facebook about undermining of the electric line supports in Kherson region.

On November 20, in Kherson region, two concrete supporting pillars for high-voltage electric lines were destroyed and two more damaged as a result of the explosion, probably of anti-tank mines.  These supports are part of the transmission line to Crimea.

Coordinator the blockade of Crimea Lenur Islyamov said to Krym.Realii, that protesters intend to block the repair of power transmission lines.

The company Ukrenergo on Friday reported on the critical nature of the damage, which could cause  possible disconnection the peninsula from electricity, as well as some districts of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

On Saturday, November 21, on the site on the incident in Kherson region, the activists of the blockade, that prevented repair works, conflicted with the police, which arrived there. There was a small scuffle.

After the talks, the security forces removed the cordon around pillars, and the activists allowed Ukrenergo’s workers to conduct grounding of the electricity.