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ISIS demands from Russia to return “the land of Muslims”

ISIS called terrorist attack on board a Russian Airbus A321 an act of vengeance for the hundreds of dead Muslims in Syria
ISIS demands from Russia to return to "the land of Muslims"

Terrorist group Islamic State announced on the pages of its official magazine Dabiq, that it will not stop the attacks against Russia as long as the “Russian Crusaders” will not return “illegally occupied territories”, Joinfo.ua reports with the reference to Korrespondent.

The 12th issue of Dabiq, was published on the Internet on Wednesday evening, November 18. His cover is “decorated” with pictures from the scenes of terrorist attacks in Paris, which  ISIS claimed the responsibility for too.


“The Islamic state will continue to launch attacks against Russia as long as the Sharia will not receive back all the lands of Muslims, illegally occupied by “Russian Crusaders”, untill Russia does not pay jizya (poll tax from heterodox people in Muslim countries – Ed.) through humiliation,” – said the magazine.

The issue published photographs of parts of the bomb, which, according to the terrorists, exploded on board of Russian Airbus A321.

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“Shortly after the Russian air strikes (in Syria, – Ed.) the steadfast warriors of blessed Sinai Wilayah managed to arrange a collapse of the Russian passenger plane, killing 224 Eastern Crusaders. This operation was an act of revenge to Christians for the recently killed hundreds of Muslims in Sham (classical Arabic name of Syria, – Ed.), including women and children, “- said the publication.

In addition, the group published a photograph in which, as it is claimed, are shown the passports of Russian citizens, who died in the crash.

Also, the terrorists said they originally wanted to blow up not a Russian passenger jet, but a plane of one of the western countries, but changed plans after Russia began bombing ISIS in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Yesterday, Russian FSB confirmed that Airbus A321 crashed on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt because of the terrorist attack. Russia also announced a reward of $50 million for any information about the terrorists, who did that.