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Reconstruction of Airbus A321 crash – video

Russian edition Lifenews reconstructed the disaster of Airbus A321, crashed in Sinai peninsula in Egypt
Reconstruction of Airbus A321 crash - video

Today Russian FSB confirmed that Airbus A321 crashed on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt because of the terrorist attack, Joinfo.ua reports.

The bomb on the aircraft A321 was planted in the luggage compartment. The suitcase with the bomb detonated when the plane was at an altitude of about nine thousand meters. The blast wave literally tore the plane into two parts. The fuselage and the tail of the aircraft collapsed in the air.

It should be recalled that Airbus A321 of Russian flight 9268, which was going from Sharm El-Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed in Egypt early morning on October 31, killing 217 passengers (including 24 children) and 7 crew members. The plane crashed 30 minutes after take off from Sharm El-Sheikh in Sinai peninsula.

The Western intelligence said that the plane crash was most likely caused by a bomb on the plane planted by ISIS or an affiliate.

Russian news channel reconstructed the crash of the Airbus in the video: