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Dmytro Yarosh resigned as leader of Right Sector

MP Dmytro Yarosh said that will no longer be the leader of the National Lliberation Movement Right Sector
Dmytro Yarosh resigned as leader of Right Sector

On his Facebook page Dmytro Yarosh said that after the conference of Right Sector, he resigned as a leader of  National Liberation Movement NOD Right Sector, reports Joinfo.ua.

“On November 8, a conference of the board of NOD Right Sector was held in Kiev. The objective, declared by the organizers, was the preparation to the All-Ukrainian Congress of Right Sector, to become a unifying factor for the Ukrainian patriots, to prepare a revolutionary concept to face external and internal enemies. But the initiators and some participants of the meeting adopted the illegitimate functions: defining the strategic direction of RS and the selection of another board, where I would be one of the leaders,” – said Yarosh in the post.

“For me, as for many of you, the creation of the Ukrainian Independent State and the struggle for it are not just empty words, but the meaning of life.

Creating the volunteer batallion, many of us took up arms for the first time, but for our sacrifice and faith in Ukraine, we have come to be an example of military spirit and brotherhood. We believed in ourselves and Ukrainians believed in us. Thus, the help of volunteers and public support have allowed us to grow and to fight.

In most regions of Ukraine, people see the last hope for justice in the local cells of RS. People see us as the last resort,” – continued Yarosh.

After being injured and requiring a long time for treatment, I entrusted the direction of some control to the closest associates who had the same idea of the nationalist movement. My own position does not always corresponds with the position of the board.

As a leader, I am personally responsible for everything that happens in the organization, and I am not going to put it on others. That’s why I can not be a “wedding general” in RS.

So I have to say no to the offer to become a leader of the board, remaining a nationalist, a statesman and a revolutionary.

Thanks to my fellow brothers for joint struggle, I wish you all the wisdom and inspiration on further way to the Ukrainian Independent State!

Glory to Ukraine!” – said Dmytro Yarosh.