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Bashar Assad moved his family to Moscow

Syrian leader Bashar Assad moved to Russia his entire family – Russian media
Bashar Assad moved his family to Moscow

According to Russian media, while Syrian President Bashar Assad was meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, the Assad family picked out an accommodation, Joinfo.ua reports.

Part of the Syrian delegation, which also arrived in Moscow, has caused quite a stir at local real estate agents. In the middle of the night brokers were showing to Syrians the most elite property for sale in Moscow.

Syrians were proposed the most high-end options in the elite settlements near Moscow. Prices there start at $15-20 million.

The runaway ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych also affected real estate market last year. They say that most of the entourage that came with Assad to Moscow, back home has not returned, according to rumors, among them the family of Syrian President.

The most likely reason why Syrians had flee the country is that on Friday, at an extraordinary meeting, the foreign ministers of the USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Russia in Vienna are going to discuss the establishing of interim transitional government of Syria and, respectively Assad’s retirement.

The most peaceful shelter for the Syrian president and his entourage is Moscow. Therefore, two Syrian governmental airliners brought passengers, who appeared to be seeking refuge in the Russian capital.

It should be recalled that at the meeting Putin assured Assad that Russia is ready to contribute not only to the defeat of terrorism in Syria, but also in the political process in the country.