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Head of Russian AP: Ukraine is “a dumb appendage” without Russia

According to Sergai Ivanov, the head of the Administration of the President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine is "a dumb appendage” without Russia
Sergei Ivanov: Ukraine is "a dumb appendage" without Russia

The head of Putin’s administration believes that Ukraine and Russia belong to one Slavic nation, but nevertheless Ukraine is simply “a dumb appendage” without Russia, Joinfo.ua reports citing Russian media.

According to him, it’s not Russia’s fault that relations with Ukraine have deteriorated. But Ukraine is the only state, where there are still a lot of Russian natives, so it is one Slavic nation in a mental and religious sense.

Head of Russian AP stated that someday the relations between the two countries will start to recover, because none can change the history, and whatever happens, but two countries will always be fraternal.

“If the other side does not get along, you can not make it. It is not our method…”, – he said.

“Russia will make its utmost: maintains contacts at different levels. Even before the Minsk Agreements Russia took all necessary actions to end the conflict with the active hostilities. And now the communication in the contact groups is productive. But first of all, a dialogue of official Kyiv with the leadership of Donetsk and Lugansk is necessary. The residents of Donbas should feel that they are protected by the state, and only after that it will be possible to conclude a final peace agreement, “- says the head of Putin’s administration.

In addition, he said, that Ukraine suffered the most because of the break in relations with Russia. “Ukraine from the agro-technological country turns into a dumb ─ sorry for the rude word, but I can not find another one ─ appendage for the agricultural production”, – he said.

Ivanov also noted that it is not a way to the EU for Ukraine, but simply an export of the cheap labor to Europe. Therefore, it is time for the leadership of Ukraine to think about what kind of country they want to see tomorrow.

It should be recalled that according to the survey conducted by VCIOM on October 10-11 in the Russian Federation, nearly half (48%) of Russians believe that the threat of a military attack on Russia from Western countries is real as never before. Although, for the sake of truth, it should be noted that the proponents of this view was less than 20%. At the beginning of this year, these 20% were confident that Ukraine was going to attack the Russian Federation.