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Russia reports about destroyed ISIS command center in Syria

On October 17 Russian Defense Ministry reports that their air strikes destroyed several ISIS command centers and explosives warehouses
Russian missile plants work on three-shifts schedule to meet the needs of their Air Forces in Syria

Su-24 bombers struck at a separate building near Salma in the province of Latakia, which housed the base for training terrorists, – Vesti.ru published the statement, Joinfo.ua reports.

Russian Defense Ministry informed that according to intelligence, the facility housed the training center and explosions workshop.

In the district of Tel-Bissau, Homs province, Russian air strikes destroyed the ammunition depot of terrorists. The blow was struck at the time of bringing up the subject of another batch of mortar and small arms cartridges. Monitoring confirmed the destruction of three trucks near the facility.

Also in the suburbs of Damascus Su-24 destroyed two ISIS ammunition storage and workshop for explosive devices. Near the village of Khan el-Asal, in Aleppo province Su-25 destroyed ISIS base and big number of tanks and armored vehicles.

Russian edition claims that locals assist Syrian intelligence on collecting data on the ISIS activities.

The ministry said that after receiving this information, the command of the Russian aviation group recheck it using different types of intelligence, after which a decision is made about the defeat of an object. So Su-24 bomber hit the building housing the command center of Feylak Omar gang near Sultan Marj. According to Syrian intelligence, militants were part of it, involved in the commission of a number of terrorist attacks in the provinces of Homs and Damascus.

It should be recalled that yesterday Turkey reported their fighter jets shot down a drone in Turkish air space near Syria, allegedly of Russian origin. The drone was shot down while it continued flying in Turkish air space despite three warnings to leave, the Turkish military has claimed. It flew for around 2 miles inside Turkish air space.