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President Poroshenko announced the receiving of new defesive weapons

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko congratulated Ukrainians on Day of the Defender of Ukraine and thanked other countries for providing military assistance
President Poroshenko said about the beginning of deliveries of new weapons to the West APU

“We can not relax, we have to make more efforts to keep highly equipped AFU. It is difficult, expensive, very expensive, it diverts huge human potential, material and technical supplies, finances, resources from the main purpose of the state – to ensure the welfare of our citizens. It is a heavy burden for our state, still recovering from shocks, but unfortunately, there is no other way. Today, at this exhibition you can see samples of Ukrainian military equipment and not only Ukrainian-made. There is a equipment here, which our allies and partners gave us, “- said Poroshenko at the exhibition of military equipment “Power of Unbroken” opened on Mykhailivska Square in Kyiv, reports Joinfo.ua.

“And in the face of present here representatives of foreign countries, I want to thank your country and your people for the much-needed support, assistance  and help for Ukraine and our brave defenders. We do not need foreign soldiers, Ukrainians have enough military skill and fortitude to protect their land from invaders, but we are grateful for the non-lethal defensive weapon that finally we are starting to receive. In this exhibition you will see the latest innovations, which have already come into service our defenders. But their biggest strength is that they are fighting for the righteous cause, that they defend native Ukrainian land, so our power grows multiple times”, – said Poroshenko.