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Russian Embassy in Damascus hit with two rockets

The Russian Embassy in Damascus was hit with two rockets damaging the building. Some people injured, Russian media confirmed
Russian Embassy in Damascus hit with two rockets

Tuesday morning two rockets struck the Russian Embassy in Damascus. The attack happened during demonstration in support of Russian airstrikes in Syria, held near the embassy. The rockets damaged the building and caused panic among the people, Joinfo.ua reports with the reference to The Telegraph.

Russian media reported also that some people were injured.

The demonstrators were holding flags of Russia and pictures of Vladimir Putin, showing the support to Russian intervention in Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said the rockets were fired from the eastern edges of the capital, where Islamist rebels are entrenched.

The Russian Embassy in Damascus has already been attacked on 20 September Back then a mortar shell fell on the territory of the embassy, having gone deep into the ground not causing any damage. A large fragment with the marking was extracted later by Syrian sappers.

It should be recalled that Russia is carrying out air strikes in Syria since September 30 after receiving the official request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad. Vladimir Putin insists that Russian air force have been targeting the ISIS positions but different sources report that Russians aim at the moderate opposition to Assad’s regime sites.

Yesterday the EU foreign ministers at the meeting in Luxembourg expressed deep concern about Russian air strikes in Syria and called on Russia to ‘cease immediately’.

And also during the talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud said that Russian military intervention into the Syrian conflict would have “dangerous consequences”. The Prince added that during the meeting Saudi Arabia insisted that Russia has to join the already existing coalition against terrorism. The Saudi authorities believe that the actions of Russia in Syria will draw it into the war between communities and will attract new extremists to Syria.