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LPR agreed to allow OSCE observing the withdrawal of their weapons

Militants of LPR did not allow the OSCE observers to the territory under their control, but agreed that they observed the withdrawal of weapons. The SMM has received detailed schedule of withdrawal from LPR
LPR agreed to allow OSCE observing the withdrawal of their weapons

The report prepared by the OSCE mission, published on October 10 said that representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces gave to the observers a detailed schedule of the weapon and equipment withdrawal. Heads of LPR have also provided their withdrawal schedule to the SMM, Joinfo.ua reports.

It also reported that LPR did not allow the mission observers to the area of  Ukrainian-Russian border in the territory, which is now under their control. The observers were stopped by the armed militant and demanded that they leaved the area. According to him, if the OSCE mission continues to break the LPR rules of access to the border, the observers might be detained.

The observers often stated that during inspections the supposedly withdrawn weapons and machinery were not located in places where they should had been. In particular the OSCE UAV recorded a number of cases when the machinery’s locations were not confirmed. Thus, the UAV has recorded 23 tanks and other equipment 60 kilometers north-west of Mariupol near Solntseve village on the DPR-controlled territory, which broke the conditions of the Minsk agreements.

It should be recalled that yesterday Trilateral contact group held a video conference on the fact of shelling Ukrainian stronghold near Troitske, which violated the truce. The contact group recommended further diversion of arms, since the shelling was an isolated case.

The group has also decided to call on the OSCE observers to investigate into this case and to demand from the LPR to provide an access of observers to the place where the firing was conducted. In this context, the negotiators agreed to require from LPR “to ensure further unimpeded access of CMM OSCE to the whole territory of Ukraine, including Ukrainian-Russian border, in accordance with the decision of the Normandy Four leaders.”