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Putin offers to the West a covert deal on Syria

What is Putin plotting really by the war operations in Syria? The answer to this question gives a political analyst Liliya Shevtsova
Putin offers to the West a covert deal on Syria

“What does Putin want to achieve by his war operations in Syria? The usual answer – that Vladimir Putin claims for a sphere of influence, that he wants to divert attention from the Ukraine or that he intends to save  Syrian President Bashar Assad. All these assumptions mean that the Russian president lives in a different reality, “- says political analyst Lilia Shevtsova, Joinfo.ua reports.

“In order to understand the Kremlin actions, it is necessary to look at Russia through the prism of the country’s institutions, through the eyes of controlling persons”, – she said.

Numerous representatives of the repressive bodies are hardly ready to defend the interests of the regime, said the analyst. So, imitating liberal democracy, Putin is trying to survive. In past years the Russian president returned to the idea of ​​Russia as a fortress, which is based on military-patriotic legitimacy.

Shevtsova believes that the Syrian campaign is an attempt to balance the power of Putin’s strong Russia on one side and some suggestion on cooperation with the West – on the other. Only now he offers to the West is not another Yalta conference with splitting booties but some questionable relationship that will allow each party to interpret the international law in a preferable way to erase the distinction between war and peace, such, so to speak, a comfortable relativism.

Earlier Yuri Karin, military expert, coordinator of the “information resistance” expressed an opinion, that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to win Syria and outsmart the U.S. President Barack Obama by legalizing the Russian Federation Armed Forces in Syria with the Federation Council resolution.