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Russia builds another military base near Ukrainian border

Russia is going to build another military base near Ukrainian border. This has been proved by the people working on the construction site, as well as a number of government documents
Russia builds military base near Ukrainian border

The military base will be located on the outskirts of Boguchar, Voronezh region, near 45 km from Ukrainian border. The area is located to the east of another military base construction site in Belgorod region, and close enough to the border with Luhansk region of Ukraine. All indicates that Russia intends to build a new big military facility, Reuters reports.

According to Russian government tender documents, published on web, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to completely reconstruct the old army repository into a huge military base with dozens of special facilities and buildings. On the territory will be based more than more than 1,300 tanks, vehicles, shells and ammunition. The construction plan includes more than a dozen barracks for about 5,000 soldiers, artillery warehouses, infirmary, a swimming pool and a large training complex.


According to media reports, Russia plans to dispose chemical, nuclear and biological defense troops on the base. It is also planned to send a motorized rifle brigade there. Some draftees from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia have already arrived at their destination.


This increasing activity shows Putin’s concern about Ukraine’s plans to join NATO. Earlier Dmitry Peskov, the Spokesman of Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “Any approach of such an organization to our borders leads to the need to take appropriate countermeasures to ensure our own security, national security”.

Photo: Reuters