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The blockade of Crimea continues: Mustafa Dzhemilev expects the food blockade of Crimea to stay

Mustafa Dzhemilev the former head of the Crimean Tatars Mejlis said that the blockade of the Crimea is supposed to last for a long time. Moreover, activists plan to initiate the cancellation of the agreement on electricity supply to the peninsula
blockade on Crimea border continues

The food blockade of Crimea continues. Activists are not going to retreat. Moreover, they want to initiate the cancellation of the agreements on electricity supply to the peninsula, Joinfo.ua reports.

“We will stand for a month or more, if necessary. We have a proposal to insist on the cancellation of the agreements signed between Ukraine and Russia on the electricity supply to Crimea. Russia supplies electricity to Donbass and Ukraine, in turn, supplies electricity to Crimea. This is totally contradicts to the national interests of Ukraine”- Dzhemilev said.

Yesterday Dzhemilev announced the list of demands to Russia to stop the aggression on the occupied territories:  to release the illegally detained in Russia Ukrainians, to stop repressions in Crimea, to withdraw the entry bans on the leaders of the Majlis. He added that the Russian authorities should give freedom to all political prisoners from Ukraine to investigate the 22 murders of Crimean Tatars on the peninsula that were committed during the occupation, to put in place democratic freedoms in the Crimea, as well as the return to Ukraine all the looted during the occupation property on the peninsula. In addition, he said, Russia should withdraw occupation troops.

“We know that the supply expenditures for Crimea in a state like this one, would require from the Russian Federation about $3-4 billion. That’s why we block the supplies that result in even greater sum, because food delivery by air or sea will cost much more,” – Dzhemilev said.

Based on his words, the Ukrainian authorities should cancel the new law “On the free economic zone of the Crimea”, thus automatically prohibiting all deliveries of goods to the peninsula. Crimean Tatars are against the fact that Ukrainian products are freely imported into the Crimea. Majlis strongly protests against such free cargo shipments, which are carried out on the basis of laws adopted last year.

Crimean Tatars and their supporters, activists hold protest blockade of the Ukrainian-Crimean administrative border, which began on 20 September this year. Activists block trucks transit to the peninsula, but cars and passengers can move freely across the border.