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Anti-Russian sanctions: U.S. and EU to prolong for 2016

The United States and the European Union are going to extend the new anti-Russian sanctions for the next year, officials claim

Currently, there is a possibility that new sanctions against Russia, imposed by number of countries, will stay for the next year because there is little chances to implement the Minsk agreements in Ukraine by the end of 2015, Joinfo.ua with reference to Bloomberg.

“According to the official involved into the Kremlin policy, the leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia plan to discuss the extension of the Minsk agreements on October 2 in Paris. For its part, four officials from Germany, France and the United States have noted on condition of anonymity, that the extension of the truce means maintaining the sanctions “, – claimed the journalists The New York Times.

According to an official from the administration of US President Barack Obama, America is ready to save the new anti-Russian sanctions if it does not fulfill all obligations under the Minsk Agreement. The implementation is “slowing down” because of disagreements between Kiev and the supporters of the so-called “republics” in the Donbas that are planning elections on Oct. 18 after failing to agree on procedures and a date with the government in Kiev.

The official involved into the Kremlin policy, said to overcome the differences and conduct of elections in the breakaway regions of Ukrainian laws will take time – the least until mid-2016.

Germany expects the Minsk deal won’t be fulfilled by the deadline and that the parties will keep working beyond it without a formal extension, an official in Berlin said. This means the EU will have to roll over sanctions, according to the official.

Extension of the implementation of the Minsk Agreement would automatically mean the preservation of the sanctions policy of the countries, according to the publication.

It should be recalled that earlier Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree that inacted new sanctions against Russian citizens involved in the annexation of the Crimea and aggression in the Donbas, including a number of Russian media, government officials, activists and companies. Among them – Ramzan Kadyrov and Sergei Shoigu.