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Russian troops refused to go to Syria instead of Donbas

Russian troops refused to go to war against ISIS instead of the Donbas. Russian journalists have published the results of their investigation on recruiting
Russian troops in Syria

Russian troops in Syria have not received reinforcement after the failure of the military to go to war against the LIH, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the “Times”.

Russian journalists have published the results of its investigation named “I thought it was the Donbass, and it turned out – Syria,” about  recruiting center in Novorossiysk, where volunteers from other regions of the Russian Federation are equipped before being sent to Syria. Several recruites refused to go, pointing that there was no written order and numerous inconsistencies. But, as they say, a local military prosecutor’s office refused to take their statements.

The journalists met with the four contractors led by Lieutenant Aleksey (the last name not published) in a café in Novorossiysk, and all the military were dressed in civilian clothes.

“We had conversations with our command. We were told that it will be hot in the country of arrival and that it’s important to hygiene and in any case not to leave the territory of the military unit. They also explained what to do and how to behave in captivity and under interrogation. We were specifically told that there is an unusual climate for us, snakes, vipers. But they did not say where specifically we are sent, , referring the secret directive of the General Staff, “- the military noted.

According to them, they thought they were being sent to the Donbass until the last moment.

“”I thought it was the Donbass, and it turned out – Syria,”- one soldier said.

The participants said that a representative of the General Staff attended their military unit location on September 16. He revealed the secret that the company is sent to Latakia, and he did not rule out participation in fightings. According to the speaker, the loading on the ship was to take place on September 17.

Having to send to Syria, contractors decided to refuse going officially or put on the table a letter of resignation. However, the local military prosecutor’s office did not accept their statements.

Because of the scandal, the ship departure was postponed.

A few days before this publication, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has and will provide military aid to Damascus.

It ahould be recalled that as became known recently Russian troops are fighting in Syria to support the regime of Bashar Assad.

Recently published evidence prove that the Russian troops are fighting in Syria. The first – a recording of conversations with the manager of the Russian pilot, carrying a “cargo 200″. And the second – Video firings Russian Armed Forces in Syria.

Recently it became known that Russia, in addition to the “humanitarian aid” delivers weapons to Syria to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Thus, the Russian supplies ZRPK «Pantsir-S1.”

According to the Western press, the number of aircraft with a cargo for Syrian President Bashar Assad forses began to increase.

The news agency France Presse, in turn, informs that two of Russian An-124 and a passenger airplane landed in Latakia airport in recent days.