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Russian troops in Syria fighting against ISIS: new evidence published

Russian troops in Syria are using mobile radio station R-166-0,5 "Artek" for transmitting encrypted radio signals over long distances. The new evidence of the participation of the Russian Armed Forces in the conflict published
Russia in Syria

Russian troops in Syria are actively engaged in armed conflict against IS, Joinfo.ua reports with the reference to Bellingcat .

Thus, the site published photo of Russian mobile station R-166-0,5 “Artek” transmitting the encrypted radio signals over long distances.

This gadget clearly indicates the intention of Russia in Syria. “R-166-0,5 allows Russian troops to maintain contact with coastal headquarters in Tartus or Latakia, while they are away from them.”

“It turned out that Russia is involved in the civil war in Syria deeper than many thought previously “, – journalists write.

Installation on the photo serves to soldiers National Defence Forces – the army loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. However, it is interesting that the Russian soldiers in uniform sits near the open hatch.

“On the back side of the mobile station can be seen the tactical number covered with olive paint, that makes it complicated to identify the military unit. Hiding tactical numbers and other identifying features is the traditional tactic of the Russian Federation during the occupation of Ukrainian territory,” Bellingcat said.


Previously we published just two evidence that the Russian Armed Forces are fighting in Syria. The first – a recording of conversations with the traffic controller with the Russian pilots, carrying a “cargo 200″. And the second – video Russian Armed Forces’ firings in Syria.

Recently it became known that Russia, in addition to the “humanitarian aid” delivers weapons to Syria to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Thus, the Russian supplies ZRPK «Pantsir-S1.”

According to the Western press, the number of aircraft with a cargo for Syrian President Bashar Assad forses began to increase.

The news agency France Presse, in turn, informs that two of Russian An-124 and a passenger airplane landed in Latakia airport in recent days.

It should be recalled also that at a meeting in Tajikistan, President Vladimir Putin said that Russian troops in Syria is a necessity in the fight against international terrorism.