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Russian President Vladimir Putin at the UN General Assembly to propose a deal – analyst

Vladimir Putin wants to offer the West a deal: a coalition against terrorism. According to Russian political analyst, Moscow needs the alliance for the approval of its own statehood
Putin wants to make ‘new Afghanistan’ in Syria

According to Lilia Shevtsova, Russian political analyst, doctor of historical sciences and senior research fellow Brookings Institution, there is no more sense to guess what Russian President Vladimir Putin was preparing for the West, Joinfo.ua reports.

At the summit of the Collective Security Treaty Vladimir Putin had, so to say, a rehearsal of his speech at the session of the UN General Assembly. At the summit, he made a statement that addressed to the Assembly the idea of ​​establishing an international coalition against extremism.

This, of course, is only a bait. And those who bite on it will have to develop the provisions of the new Westphalian system.

If one thinks that this is a kind of exchange of Ukraine to Syria, one is mistaken. Moscow is unable to solve the internal problems of greater and specially substitute their external challenges, often untrue. This shows exhaustion of system resources. Therefore, the Kremlin wants by all means to compensate this by creating the illusion of great power.

“But the power can not live in isolation, can not always tolerate the sanctions, then it is not really power, but a kind of mongrel substance,” – the analyst sayd. That is why Moscow wants to return to the Super League, by any means. This implies an agreement with the West, at least on the Syrian issue. It is necessary to approve the statehood, and this requires at least something to be on par with the West.

And it has been needed already for yesterday! If the West can not understand the urgency of the matter, it is necessary to convince them. As long as people are not awake.

It should be recalled that according Stratfor research Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to gain a foothold on the line of the Dnieper, if he has sufficient resources.