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Russian troops in Syria get actual Putin’s ‘legalization’

At a meeting in Tajikistan, President Vladimir Putin said that Russian troops in Syria is a necessity in the fight against international terrorism. In addition, the Russian intervention in the conflict does not increase the flow of refugees from Syria to Europe, but rather reduces it.

In all his statements President Vladimir Putin expresses the view that it is simply impossibleo achieve the victory over the Islamic state grouping without the support and military cooperation with the current Syrian government.

So today, September 15, while delivering his speech in Tajikistan at a meeting of the Collective Security Treaty, the Russian leader made a statement, which implies that Russia supports, and intends to continue to support the current ruler of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, including militarily.

Putin rules out the possibility of increasing the flow of Syrian refugees in the European countries because of Russian intervention in the conflict. Acording to hims, on the contrary, without the participation and support of Moscow the number of refugees in Europe will increase significantly.

Vladimir Putin said this after numerous reports about Russia increasing its presence in Syria and building a military base there. So on Monday, September 14, the U.S. military confirmed the delivery of portable air traffic control stations to Syria, namely to the airfield near Latakia. Also there were recorded the deliveries of numerous portable houses for people.

As previously reported, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Kremlin,told about the need to reach an agreement between Russia and the United States in the Syrian conflict.

It should be recalled that an anonymous source in the White House told the foreig media that the Russian troops in Syria had received strong support in the form of tanks and artillery pieces.