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U.S. threatens Russia with international isolation because of its support for Syria

The White House clearly let Russia see that it would face international isolation if it continued to support the Syrian President.

Russia may face international isolation if it continues to support the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Joinfo.ua informs referring to Radio Svoboda.

“It will isolate them (Russia – Ed.) from the international community even more,”  said Josh Ernest, the Spokesman for the White House.

If Russia wants to continue its military activity in Syria, it will mean “performance of tasks contrary to those which are on the agenda of the 60 countries that are part of the coalition headed by the United States fighting against the Islamic State terrorist group,” Josh Ernest added.

The news service of Voice of America ​​reports that Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis said that the transfer of Russian troops and military equipment in the area of ​​the coastal city of Latakia, “suggests the creation of a front operating base there.”

It should be recalled that earlier we reported that the flow of ‘volunteers’ from Russia to the Donbas had declined sharply.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence agencies, in connection with the latest events in the DPR and LPR and cease-fire, the flow of mercenaries from Russia to the Donbas has declined sharply.

According to Ukrainian scouts, reduction of the flow of mercenaries has at least two reasons.

“Well, firstly, there has begun an active war in Syria. They are payed more for the fighting there. According to our data, the recruitment of Russian citizens, who are willing to earn extra money on the blood, is now shifted to Syria. There they need peole to drive tanks and APCs. And in the Donbas, ther is a truce now, there is no active fighting, therefore, there is no money. Even the Russian convicts recruited by FSB, try to hide in peaceful settlements under the guise of displaced persons.

And the second reason is a revolution in the “DPR”. The media has learned about it only recently. But it has been prepared for a long time. Since a person involved in the peace negotiations, that is Pushilin, came to power, there is no need for additional military volunteers. According to intelligence reports, even before the coup, he urged not to let the ‘volunteers’ from Russia come to the Donbas. As it was with Alexandrov, who was trying to create a republic truly independent  from the Kremlin. And since the real peace talks are held, the facts of presence of the Russian regular army and mercenaries in the Donbas pop up more and more – such facts will not add any positive effect to the negotiations, but will give additional trumps to Ukraine.