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President Vladimir Putin prepares worst-case scenario for Ukraine – expert

Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to fulfill one item of the agreements signed in Minsk, but only in order to achieve the loyalty of the Ukrainian side to the elections in separate districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

This opinion was expressed by a political analyst Valentyn Hladkykh, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the portal Glavnoye. Thus, according to him, if the President Vladimir Putin launches the process of freezing the conflict in the east of Ukraine, it will be an optimistic scenario for the country. Since for Ukraine, there is a more pessimistic and realistic scenario.

According to the analyst, instead of a compromise, the Russian Federation will demand capitulation from Ukraine. He added that currently the items of the Minsk Agreement are fulfilled only by the Ukrainian side, while Russia decided to perform only one point.

“The number of attacks in the ATO area did reduce. And although the Minsk-2 means full and unconditional cease-fire, let’s offset at least this item against the Kremlin. But the agreement has 12 points. Is it possible to say that the Russian Federation fulfills the contract? Ukraine never took control over the border, Russia and its military equipment have not withdrawn from the Donbas. It can not be said that the Minsk-2 is performed by the two sides. Ukraine keeps its word, but puppets of the Kremlin were instructed to perform a single point of the Minsk Agreement,” he said.

The political scientist believes that the main issue on the agenda is just local elections in the separate districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but not the fighting. Thus, at this stage the calm on the battlefield may be temporary, and last as long as Moscow is attempting to synchronize and harmonize the elections in Ukraine and separate districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (ORDILO).

This is evidenced by the fact that the Russian Federation does not hurry to withdraw its military and equipment from the Donbas. If Ukraine does not make concessions, then Russia will command to fire again. After all, President Putin intends to make Ukraine agree on the elections, which will be participated by representatives of terrorist organizations in the Donbas. As a result, in the East, there will appear a new power subject only to the Kremlin. Then Ukraine will have to accept its legitimacy, however, it is unacceptable for the country.

Earlier, it was reported that the President Vladimir Putin switched on Syria in this regard there is truce in the Donbas, Frankfurter Allgemeine writes.