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President Vladimir Putin is busy with Syria and this means that time is on side of Ukraine and its victory – expert

While Russian President Vladimir Putin is bysy with Syria, Ukraine has the time and calm in the Donbas needed to solve as many internal problems as possible. Such an opinion was expressed by MP Yuriy Lutsenko.

In his blog on UP (Ukrayinska Pravda – Eng. ‘Ukrainian Truth’, a Ukrainian newspaper – Ed.), Yuriy Lutsenko writes that now, when President Vladimir Putin in engaged in the war on another continent and Russian troops in Syria are performing a new task of the Kremlin, Ukraine has received the necessary time, Joinfo.ua informs.

According to Lutsenko, Ukraine’s plan is consistent execution of the Minsk Agreement, but Moscow is completely sabotaging its part, nothing is done. So, sanctions against Russia should be strengthened. And Russia’s plan: shots are not heard, so irrespective of sabotage of the Minsk agreements on withdrawal of tanks and other heavy machinery, withdrawal of enemy soldiers, liberation of prisoners etc. sanctions must be stopped.

The MP claims that for non-fulfillment its ultimatums, the Russian Federation is threatening to create Novosyria in addition to Novorossia.

According to Lutsenko, the central message of Poroshenko’s speech at YES meeting is that the Minsk arrangements will work only until 2016. In other words, right in this moment the enemy can leave the country. Nothing will change in the Donbas without this. Ukrainians have enough power to repel possible attacks. And the country has enough wisdom not to take on the maintenance of the occupied district.

But what will happen when the enemy does not leave the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk?

Lutsenko is convinced that transitional provisions in amendments to the Constitution will become irrelevant and decentralization can take place. A law on special order in the occupied territories will be radically altered and most likely will affect only a number of economic relations across the contact line.

The people’s deputy believes that to plan one step ahead is a political arithmetic, but to plan two or three steps ahead is already a political algebra.

Lutsenko is convinced that Ukraine will win this conflict. Because time is on our side. Friends from Europe and the United States continue to suffocate the aggressor economically, because Russia does not comply with its own obligations. Reduction of money flow due to cheap oil and a huge increase in spending on military equipment, etc. will effectively overthrow the whole Putin’s system like it was with Communism.

The MP believes that the aim of Ukraine is to stand up by that time, to fulfill everything to slip out of a terrible war like it was in 1919. To tolerate, to prevent discord, to make reforms. On the whole three fronts – military, anti-oligarchic and anti-corruption – there is a place for anyone who wants the best for Ukraine. Everything depends on us.