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Army of Russia announces beginning of military exercises off coast of Syria

While the Russian troops in Syria are helping Bashar al-Assad to fight the ISIS terrorists, the army of Russia begins holding exercises in eastern Mediterranean region.

Against the background of scandalous information about Russian troops fighting in Syria without the consent of the coalition against the ISIS, the army of Russia warns air carriers of naval exercises with missile firing in the eastern Mediterranean region, off the coast of Syria, informs the message for pilots (NOTAM), available in the database of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Joinfo.ua reports with reference to RBK.

The Notification No A1105/15 relates to the air hub LCCC, that in the system of ICAO represents the airport of the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. This report says that the military exercises of the Russian Navy is expected to be held on September 8-17 in an area with a radius of about 41 km.

The center of the training area is located between the shores of Cyprus and Syria, about 70 km west of the Syrian port city of Tartus, where the only foreign station of logistics of the Russian Navy is located.

Recently, we published evidence that the Armed Forces are fighting in Syria. The first one is recorded conversations between a flight operations officer and a Russian pilot devivering “cargo 200″. And the second one is a video of firings of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria.

According to media reports, the number of aircraft loaded with aid for Syrian President Bashar Assad has begun to increase.

According to Foxnews, in recent days there were a few flights of the Russian Federation in Syria. So, one of the world’s largest military transport aircraft, a Russian AN-124 Ruslan landed at the airport of Latakia on the Mediterranean coast yesterday. The news agency France Presse informs that at the airport Latakia in recent days landed two An-124 and one Russian passenger aircraft.

Thus, thanks to the foreign press reports, it became known that the Russian army had started to build a military base in Syria to carry out air attacks on the militants of the Islamic state.