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Hillary Clinton trolls eternal President Vladimir Putin

The candidate for presidency oin the United States Hillary Clinton has ridiculed Vladimir Putin, naming his 'best' feature that impresses her.

The presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has trolled the Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling what she likes about him, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Politico.

“I don’t admire very much about Mr. Putin, but the idea you can stand up and say ‘I will be your next president’? That has a certain, you know attraction to it,” Clinton joked during her speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

After that, in a serious tone, Clinton said that she belongs to “the category of people who wanted to do more in reaction to the annexation of Crimea.”

According to her, the aim of Russia “is to stymie, to confront, to undermine American power whenever and wherever they can.”

It should be recalled that as a result of a research, genetics experts have come to the conclusion that the candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton is related to the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Also, before we reported that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea financed hacker attacks on the U.S. institutions thus posing a serious threat to the U.S. security and business. She made such a statement during her campaign tour in Iowa.

Hillary Clinton said that the U.S. authorities had not done enough to protect the public and commercial information.