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Movie about Ukrainian Maidan presented at Venice Film Festival

The eighth day of the Venice Film Festival was marked by a remarkable event for the Ukrainians - the premiere of the documentary Winter On Fire, dedicated to the events of Ukrainian winter of 2014.

The movie was presented by the Israeli filmmaker Evgeny Afineevsky, Joinfo.ua reports. The filmmaker himself commented on his own work, stressing that while creating the film, he was trying to make it primarily American and European audience-oriented.

It is known that the American television channel Netflix took on the production of the movie. The most famous project of the TV channel is the popular television series House of Cards.

The film Winter On Fire shows interviews with the participants of the Maidan. Moreover, according to the director, the movie provides the views of several generations of Ukrainians – people aged from 12 and up to 85.

For the filming, Evgeny Afineevsky even brought to Ukraine a team from Hollywood, including 30 professionals: operators, directors and producers.

The team had been working on the territory of Ukraine for three months at the time when the events of the Revolution of dignity were unfolding.


It was already noted that the American music band Linkin Park showed a footage from the Ukrainian Maidan in their new video.