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Bulgaria promises to shoot down Russian aircraft flying in the country’s airspace

Defense Minister of Bulgaria said that the Bulgarian fighters would intercept the Russian planes.

Minister of Defense of Bulgaria Nikolay Nenchev said that if Russian military transport planes flying to Syria without the permission of Bulgaria appear in the airspace of the country, there would be scrambled Bulgarian aircraft interceptors, which would make the Russian planes land at the airport specified, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Bulgarian media.

“The law clearly says that our fighters have to take off within 15 minutes to intercept an aircraft that violated our airspace, determine its place position, visualize and order it to land that the airfield specified. And if it refuses to do this, there will be taken other actions I do not want to talk about right now,” said the Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, alluding to the fact that Russian aircraft will be shot down by Bulgarian interceptors.

Sources say that now in Bulgaria, there are only two operating aircraft that can be scrambled.

It should be recalled that earlier, we reported that the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry had officially confirmed the closure of its airspace for Russian aircraft with the so-called “humanitarian aid” for Syria.

According to bloggers, Bulgaria was among the first who deflected the Russian aircraft presumably transporting weapons to Syria. As it turns out, the Bulgarian authorities act faster than Greece and Turkey.

It should be recalled that on September 7, the U.S. Department of State asked to close airspace for the Russian aircraft delivering the so-called ‘humanitarian assistance’ to Syria. However, the Greek authorities refused to comply with the requirement made by the American Embassy.