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Revolution in DPR means that Kremlin gives up on Donbas and conflict will be frozen – expert

Russia does not need the Donbas, but the return of the so-called DPR and LPR to Ukraine is not profitable, too. The conflict will be frozen, says the Donetsk blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky.

According to Kazansky, for Ukraine it will be profitable to freeze the conflict in the Donbas, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the channel 24.

“For us, the conflict freeze is profitable. It is not profitable for us to take these territories back to Ukraine and pretend that we control them. They are occupied, it is possible to seek their return only by means of international diplomacy,” he said.

The journalist also said that the return of the unrecognized republics to Ukraine can be compared with a transplantation of the appendix in the body of a healthy person: they will get sick and die. “Russia’s plan has long been known, it was discussed by the speakers of the Kremlin. For example, Starikov believes that the Donbas is a weight on Ukraine’s leg. That is, Russia can keep Ukraine on a leash in such a way,” said the blogger.

Commenting on the developments of the so-called coup d’etat in the DPR, Kazansky said that there was a version that the ex-head of the “People’s Council” Andrey Purgin did not serve the Moscow curators’ turn, and Denis Pushilin himself could not arrange such a scandalous event.

“There is a version that Purgin wanted to organize a referendum in the DPR for accession to Russia. They say that ballots were already printed. He traveled to Russia to negotiate with the ‘hawks’ who are supporters of accession of the ‘DPR’ to Russia. And this was at odds with the policies of the Kremlin,” Kazansky said.

According to the journalist, Russia does not need the Donbas, this issue has been resolved a long time ago.

“There is another problem – Purgin was sick with the idea of the LPR and DPR and their accession to Russia. He was planning to create this republic back in 2005, when no one was even paying for it. He promoted the idea when it was considered as schizophrenia. As for Pushilin – he is a petty crook, who is far from separatism, he came only when he realized that he can make money at it. It is a perfect doer, because he does not discuss the orders, ” the blogger added.