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Bulgaria closes airspace deflecting Russian aircraft with ‘hummanitarian aid’ for Syria

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry has officially confirmed the closure of its airspace for the Russian aircraft with the so-called 'humanitarian aid' for Syria.

Bulgaria has officially closed its airspace to the Russian planes with the so-called ‘humanitarian aid’ for Syria, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Reuters.

It is assumed that due to the fact that the Bulgarian sky is closed, airplanes will fly through the airspace of Iran.

According to bloggers, Bulgaria was among the first who deflected the Russian aircraft presumably transporting weapons to Syria. As it turns out, the Bulgarian authorities act faster than Greece and Turkey.

“So far, the Bulgarian government has now allowed two aircraft of the Russian Federation with the ‘humanitarian’ cargo for Syria to enter its airspace. The request to open its airspace for the Russian aircraft during the period from September 1 to 24 was refused without explanation of reasons. Meanwhile, Greece has given a green light for the flights of Russia’s military transport aviation through the airspace of its country, despite protests from the United States. Well, and Turkey continues to allow the Russian ships loaded clearly not with biscuits and blankets, but the Urals, armored personnel carriers and air defense systems through the Bosporus,” writes the blogger Angry Odessite on his page on LiveJournal.

He noted that in this whole situation there is an encouraging fact that the range of possibilities for Russia for delivery of goods to Syria has narrowed.

It should be recalled that on September 7, the U.S. Department of State asked to close airspace for the Russian aircraft delivering the so-called ‘humanitarian assistance’ to Syria. However, the Greek authorities refused to comply with the requirement made by the American Embassy.