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Ukraine-Russia-EU trilateral talks: expert tells what to expect from today’s meeting

Yuri Havrylchenko, a expert social security, told what to expect from the Ukraine-Russia-EU trilateral negotiations on trade.

Moscow has always tried to influence the official Kyiv by its bans on the import of Ukrainian goods. Ukraine will complain to the World Trade Organization about Russia. Because it prohibits the import of Ukrainian products starting from January 1, 2016. On September 7, Ukraine, the European Union and Russia will talk about trade relations, says an expert of public safety Yuri Havrylchenko on air of the TV news channel 24, Joinfo.ua reports.

“Ukraine should not hope for any result at the negotiations on trade. After all, there was no prior success in such negotiations. Ukraine did not find money to pay for the Russian gas. Our country is planning to address the G7 to provide it with more money, the money to pay for the Russian gas. Even if we manage to agree on the next tranche from the IMF, as long as there is no money, such Ukraine-Russia-EU trilateral talks are meaningless.

A year ago, Ukraine was running around the world and convening a coalition against Russia. And it was demanding that it do something to help it. Instead of military, financial or any other help, Ukraine received only consultancy aid and sanctions against Russia.

The sanctions against the aggressor have been in affect for more than a year. According to various sources, countries have suffered considerable losses up to 50 billion dollars. Ukraine itself has not imposed any sanctions.

The country is asking the whole world to impose sanctions, but Ukraine itself does not do anything. Moreover, it is asking the World Trade Organization to contribute to sales of Ukrainian goods in Russia. By this, de facto, it requires special preferences in the trade with Russia,” the expert says.