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‘Nadiya Savchenko must be free!': United States launches campaign for liberation of Ukrainian pilot

During the campaign for the liberation of women prisoners, the United States will talk about the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko.

The U.S. Department State announced the beginning of the campaign for the liberation of 20 women unjustly convicted for political or other reasons. This was reported by the U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN, Samantha Power, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Agence France-Presse.

The action is devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration signed by 189 countries to protect the rights of women.

The campaign will be based on the stories about the cases of each of the women. There will be presented not only detailed biographies of the women, but also the reasons for detention, as well as government policies that deprive them of their freedom.

In the course of legal proceedings there will be covered the cases of the women from fourteen countries. The first on the list is a Chinese woman Wang Yu.

It is noteworthy that during the campaign the world will hear the story of our Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko.

Regarding the political prisoners in North Korea, they will be discussed in a collective way, since there is a risk to cover such cases.

According to Power, despite the fact that the list of countries and women is not exhaustive, it is, nevertheless, quite representative. The main thing is that it has to draw attention to the fates of women who had to fight for their rights and found themselves behind bars.

“Free these 20 women and free the countless women and girls like them behind bars, because these 20 women only represent a tiny fraction of the women currently being unjustly imprisoned,” Power said.

The main purpose of this campaign is to show solidarity with the prisoners and their families.