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Putin buys property in Spain by Russian mafia boss

President Vladimir Putin allegedly buys property on the Costa del Sol in Spain in a deal arranged by Russian mafia boss Gennady Petrov
Putin buys property in Spain

Putin tried to buy property on Costa del Sol in Spain with the help of the Russian mafia bosses – Gennady Petrov, who heads one of the largest criminal gangs in Russia, reports Joinfo.ua with the referral to The Times.

According to British journalists, Petrov had documents to prove that he was involved in buying a property in Malaga on behalf of Mr. Putin.

Spanish law enforcement agencies in the investigation found a note that mentioned about trying to buy property for Putin. “Senor Putin land in Malaga, a Russian region or a Russian village. The land is not purchased. The matter is managed by the president’s administration” – edition cites the note.

According to the newspaper, the document, dated 2001, was discovered during the searches in 2008. Reporters pointed that the Russian president has always strenuously denied allegations of undeclared assets outside Russia.Vladimir Putin has bought in Spain a large plot of land and a villa estimated about $ 22 million. In 2014Putin has been acknowledged as the most corrupted official in Europe. According to the British press, the estate is located in the province of Malaga near the town of Marbella.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, had already “defended” his boss, calling the publication about the villa an “unoriginal joke.” However, journalists say that the villa offers stunning views of the Serrania de Ronda mountains, and Andalusia is rich in nature and clean air region. The territory of the land around villa is about 2 hectares. It is located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. The world-famous beaches of the Costa are only 10 kilometers away.

Traders position the Villa Real as an elite segment. It is  at the highest level. The object is equipped helipad and a garage for more than 20 cars. In addition, Putin has ordered to develop elite vineyards to produce wine. So, the villa is equipped with wine vault for storing wine in French oak barrels. The vault has the latest winemaking equipment that costs up to a million dollars.

It should be recalled that Russian ruble recently hit its floor because of the standoff with the West and oil prices decline.