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Tough machos: Putin and Medvedev working out in gym together

Russian President Vladimir Putin, joined by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, worked out in a gym and had breakfast at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence near Sochi this morning
Putin and Medvedev workout

Two Russian leaders started training with warm-up and then moved on to exercises on weights. After training, they had a barbecue and breakfast on the open terrace, Russian media inform.

At breakfast, while having tea, Putin and Medvedev discussed current state issues.


It’s known that Russian media has repeatedly talked about Putin’s great love for  sport. So, in July, at the meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Putin has promised to try yoga to see what his fitness shape allows. “When you look at these yogis, it seems impossible to achieve such perfection, and that’s stops me,” – Russian President said.

As you know, Putin is dedicated to martial arts, such as judo and sambo. In November 2014 Russian President earned the eighth dan black belt in Karate-do Kyokushin-kan. In addition, Putin is playing hockey. 6 May the president took part in a gala match Night Hockey League and scored against opponents eight goals. Before that, the Russian leader has repeatedly participated in hockey games.

Prime Minister Medvedev had also written a foreword to the training film on badminton in 2011.



Meanwhile, the German ZDF channel in February this year released a very interesting documentary “Putin. Portrait of a Man.” After analyzing all the stages of the path of Putin “to the throne,” the filmmakers talked about how “a shy young boy, defending the right of the strongest on the outskirts of Leningrad,” turned into a “lazy and addicted to alcohol KGB agent in Dresden.”

Part of the data, appearing in the film is sensitive information from the documents of the Stasi. So, the filmmakers claim that, during his service time in Dresden, the current head of the Kremlin was fond of alcohol and actively “hanging out”. Moreover, “a brutal macho, drunk and party-goer” Putin has not only caught up in the novels, but also beat his own legitimate wife.



The film also highlights some of the habits of Russian President. In particular, he is “an owl”, loves cottage cheese for breakfast, goes to swim after breakfast, take a contrast shower and spends time at the gym. The training equipment in the gym, as the authors say, is made exclusively in the US.

In addition, he has a real paranoia on the aging and obsession with his appearance, so that he had a plastic surgery in 2010. Also, filmmakers note that there was five attempts on Putin’s life.

Russian President’s chef always travels with him because of his fear of becoming a victim of poisoning.


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