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An offensive map allegedly of Armed Forces of Ukraine published by DNR militants

DNR has developed a map of offensive of the AFU, allegedly received from a source in the Ukrainian General Staff
Alleged map of the offensive by APU

Blogger Oleksii Gonta has published on Facebook the offensive map DNR says is the map of AFU, Joinfo.com reports.

According to Gonta, these statements may become the basis for future retreats of the militants.

The day before “deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps” of DNR Eduard Basurin said that the Ukrainian Forces intend to launch an assault to Donetsk to take the city in the “pot”.

He said that after the “shelling of the positions of the DNR, the AFU will proceed on the Mariupol and Debaltsevo directions.”

“By the two converging blows in the direction of the village Uspenka, Kiev is planning to defeat the DNR and reach the border with Russia, and further prevent the release of civilians on the territory of Russia. At the same time in the direction of Donetsk Ukraine intends to launch attack north- and southward by two groups in the direction of Donetsk Ilovaysk to close the ring around the capital “, – said Eduard Basurin.

In addition, militants have also heard from some source in the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, that in the direction of Lugansk AFU plans to maintain the fight with “LNR militia” in order to prevent their diversion to help “DNR.” “In the future, the active fighting are decoupled in Lugansk direction in order to reach the border with the Russian Federation”, – said the militant leader.

Now, attached to these statements appeared map which described the offensive. The map shows that the AFU will attack in 4 directions, one taking Donetsk in a circle, others pushing militants to the border with Russia.


It should be recalled that as video shows, Russia sends vehicles with heavy weapons to Ukraine.