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Kremlin doesn’t have strength for full-fledged war in east of Ukraine – expert

The Kremlin is unlikely to conduct a full-scale war in the Donbas. Such an opinion was expressed by Alexander Shchetinin, the founder of the New Region news agency.

According to Shchetinin, President Putin is unlikely to make a full-scale invasion in the east of Ukraine, but the conflict in the Donbas will last long, as the Kremlin has enough resources for it, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to New Region.

“The armed conflict will continue indefinitely. As long as the Russian Empire and the imperial ideology exist. It has more than enough experience of conducting such wars . It has not started half a year ago, but lasted as long as the Soviet Union existed. Organization of all kinds of independent republics … Back then it was shown as a national liberation war, but, in fact, there were created the same shadow zones, republics. They (Russian secret services) do it great, ” said Shchetinin.

He also believes that Russia will try Ukraine’s strength, until it finds a weak spot. “Russia was not ready for a full-scale war half a year ago, too. But it has enough of resources to make Ukraine not live in peace, to prevent it from conducting and from development,” said the founder of New Region.

He adds that most of all, he is afraid of bloody provocations of Putin’s regime in the territory of Russia itself, with further blaming of the Ukrainian side. “The case of the products destruction has  showed that the Russian population fully believes what it sees on TV. It is much more difficult to blow up something in Ukraine. They may blow up something at home in Russia, blame Ukraine for it and only then anything may happen. The old and children will crawl to tear Ukraine. It’s terrible. And they will believe that all that was done by the Ukrainians,” said Shchetinin.

The expert notes that he is hoping for adequate Russians and a palace coup in the Kremlin.